Top UK-Computing Trends to Look Out For in 2021 on Eurosilex

In an increasingly digital era, UK computing has experienced innovative evolutions that set new trends for 2021. Technological advancements such as the increase in data centre automation, the rise of Edge computing and 5G, the adoption of hyperautomation and AI engineering have shaped the computing landscape in UK and are expected to continue to do so.

Data centre automation has gained traction due to its benefits of improving business efficiency and reducing operational costs. Similarly, Edge computing and 5G are transforming the way data is handled, processed, and delivered with higher speed, lower latency and improved security. The pursuit of intelligent and automated business processes has led to a significant rise in hyperautomation, which combines AI and machine learning to achieve a highly automated state. AI Engineering, on the other hand, is emerging as a discipline that focuses on making AI a part of the mainstream DevOps process rather than a separate specialised area.

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